Aljohara Almodaimigh SITA

Aljohara Abdulaziz Almodaimigh
SITA Co-Founder

Because Tomorrow Wasn't Soon Enough 

When one thinks of the women of Saudi Arabia, the first two things that come to mind may not be fashion and fitness, but Aljohara Abdulaziz Almodaimigh, one of the country's leading entrepreneurs has been making great strides in both areas.  
She first made headlines in 2013 as co-owner and pilates instructor at KORE, one of Saudi Arabia’s first women-only fitness clubs. Aware of the country’s mission to triple the female exercise population by 2030, Aljohara quickly saw the need for a Saudi fashion and lifestyle brand to accommodate this social change.

SITA: The Intersection of Fashion and Innovation

Fashion is quite literally a visual symbol in society, and it’s obvious that Saudi Arabia is in transformation mode. From women on the street wearing bright colorful abayas, the latest hues of makeup and chatting with friends on iPhones, to hosting their first fashion week. Western influence on Saudi culture is more relevant and prevalent than ever before.
Given this dynamic change, Aljohara launched SITA in 2018 along with Gianfranco Zani. This provided a versatile, subtle, and stylish solution for the modern Saudi Woman.
One of the keys to SITA’s success – versatility. This high-performance, functional and stylish clothing that can be worn for almost all occasions. From a business meeting to a Pilates class. It was dual functionality that truly inspired the line.

“On any given day I had to go through multiple outfit changes. I had trouble finding versatile apparel appropriate to any occasion and activity. One day in January 2018 I woke up and decided to create a line that is elegant but practical and timeless, which can take me from day to night without losing valuable time going home to change.”

Bright colors and functional designs weren’t enough. For a garment to truly be transitional from day to night, business to leisure, it was going to take the right fabrics. This kicked off a journey with
 her co-founder and partner, the renowned Gianfranco Zani, a fabric and textiles guru.
SITA brand Aljohara Almodaimigh
After researching textiles and nanotechnology, they trademarked their own high-performance fabric A luxurious, soft-as-silk fabric infused with innovative technology that neutralizes odor, withstands machine wash and exhibits superior quality.

SITATECH redefines luxury and versatile utility. 

The most versatile piece for any woman; The Parka. It can be worn as a dress, as a cover-up, or as an abaya. SITA designs are minimal, allowing every woman to look unique because of how she styles herself. Whether in New York or Riyadh, from the plane to pilates, or the office to having dinner with friends – you no longer have to sacrifice time.

SITA travel essentials

Don't Change.

We believe nothing should come between a woman and her day. Our tagline is “don’t change.” It doesn’t just mean don’t change your outfit—it also means don’t change who you are. Women do not need to sacrifice their own style in order to lead an active, fast-paced life.