Rosehip is a floral design studio and retail flower and plant shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They pride themselves in eclectic and casually elegant design aesthetic and love to bring the wild beauty of the garden into expertly designed arrangements built to enhance your occasion or space. Beyond flowers they also carry a wild mix of interesting plants and fun pots and planters, with a special emphasis on plants that do well in tough lighting conditions.

Rosehip founder, Pola has been influenced by a lifelong love of nature and gardening, anything blooming and leaves of all types. The obsession over florals and nature has led her to study floral design, and become fully immersed in understanding flowers, plants, foliage and dirt.

Pola is wearing the SITA Tank Shell Top. The Double layered fitted shell with wide shoulder straps is higher in the back to sit and shape any bust perfectly. The sculptured armhole highlights the elegant and functional look of this item. Cut from high-quality SITATECHTM active material, this fabric is super light and smooth all over.

Watch IGTV Video or follow instructions below: 

1. You can use whichever vase you love. Today we'll be using a particularly shallow vase. Use florists' frogs in shallow vases, glue the frog into your shallow vase.

2. Add a little water to the vase.

3. For your roses, we want to "pop" them. Do this by flipping the petals outwards to take up more space and make them look a little more textured and interesting.

4. We're using a tinted eucalyptus as the base of the arrangement. What you want to do is outline the general shape of the arrangement. The arrangement we are making today is a relatively low-profile arrangement.

5. As you place the flowers into the shallow vase, you're going to jam the greenery into the spikes or between them.

6. We're filling in the middle of the arrangement with ranunculus and peppercorns.

7. Peonies are used to fill out the arrangement and cover the frog.