Diana Sytko SITA

Diana Sytko is true to her style, and though it “does not change with the wind,” you can probably get an inkling to what time of year it is, based on the style she is channeling. “Casual Chic for Spring and Fall, Boho for Summer and surprisingly, (even to her) sometimes a bit preppy."

Diana's go-to's?

High-Waisted Jeans and White T-Shirt tucked in / Black SITA Leggings + Hoodie, Black Metallic Puffer and big round sunglasses.
As for SITA, she is all about the Drawstring Cami for a Girls Night Out or when traveling. What else is a must have for Diane these days; Dior WALK’N’DIOR Sneakers and a classic Vintage Beige Long Trench Coat.
SITA travel wardrobe

For Diana, style is all about striking a rare balance between tradition and innovation.

Not all of Diana’s time is spent out on the town and traveling, when she isn’t at her day job at Christian Dior Couture, she is equally happy taking a hot shower followed by meditation and saging her apartment, while drinking Dandelion Tea...and the occasional glass of Sancerre.