Fashiontech Invention-An Anti-Bacterial Fabric to Protect Us From Covid-19

 SITA-NYC, Created by Aljohara Almodaimigh and Gianfranco Zani in 2018, SITA NYC is a luxury loungewear meets RTW brand that offers a timeless and modern wardrobe driven by technology. The first of its kind, Aljohara and Gianfranco sought out to create pieces using an anti-bacterial fabric they have termed SITAtechTM.


The concept arose when Aljohara, who founded the first chain of all-women workout facilities in Saudi Arabia, needed a wardrobe that was easily transitional throughout her day and provided comfort without sacrificing style. She needed a core wardrobe that was both timeless and chic. She teamed up with her business partner, Gianfranco, and SITA NYC was born.


The founders of SITA, Gianfranco and Aljohara


The brand offers pieces that provide an effortless and stylish transition from lounging and play to work and travel. Driven by technology, SITAtechTM is an innovative fabric with permanent agents that withstand machine washing, wick away moisture and exhibits superior quality, whilst being weightless and soft. The Japanese nanotechnology in the fibers also prevents virus, bacteria, allergens, and dust from penetrating through the fibers.


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