Kelly Rutherford SITA

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford is an American Actress who has been entertaining us for decades on shows including: Generations, Melrose Place, and Gossip Girl.

Kelly Rutherford SITA tank top

What’s A Good Word to Describe Your Style?

“I am casual in my everyday life, I mean, I walk out of the house with no makeup and my hair wet. But I still like to feel dressed. So there’s a similarity with SITA. In everyday life, I’m just more casual.” For the easy-going Rutherford, it’s all about  “going with the fashion flow.”

Kelly Rutherford SITA closet essentials

How do you wear SITA?

“SITA is great for the gym, but I REALLY like to wear it out. It’s my kind of street-wear. Oh and it’s super for traveling.” Kelly is a fashion-forward mother who exercises, travels and works. On any given day, she can be doing all three.

Kelly’s favorite SITA piece is the cropped jacket. She loves the versatility to be able to dress it up or down. Wear it with a skirt, leggings or jeans.

Kelly Rutherford SITA wardrobe essentials

The ability to wear SITA in layers in the winter and let it flow in the summer is simply amazing. Hands down, my favorite thing about SITA is the fabric. It's almost FUTURISTIC. The way it moves is amazing.

SITA breathable t-shirt

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