Rabia Farhang has committed her life to doing good: a global nomad, fashion industry leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to drive impact for underserved women-focused organizations.

Rabia founded bgood collective, a change management agency. The female founded agency works with purpose led organizations to enhance their social impact. They help develop, launch and scale sustainable initiatives for small companies and non-profits.

Rabia's a minimalist and opts for easy, polished looks that she can feel natural in. 

“My favorite SITA piece from the collection are the wide-leg pants. I love that I can w
ear them during the week to a work meeting or on a weekend for a walk in Central Park.

Rabia’s approach to work and fashion are consistent. She always advises her clients that the most successful organizations have organic missions and visions. It’s the same with fashion. As she likes to say “Never wear anything that feels forced.”

What does Rabia love most about her closet? Variety!
“Fashion gives people a form of expression.”