While we might all love the price and availability of  “fast fashion”, it is putting the future of our planet at risk. Clothes that are made cheaply to meet demands for the newest hot style are harmful to our planet.

Did you know that the second-biggest consumer of water is the fashion industry? The fashion industry also releases half a million tons of synthetic microfibers into the ocean annually. 

As responsible consumers, we should try to take responsibility for our daily fashion choices. The clothes you wear matter! Figuring out how to accurately shop sustainably can be tricky, but we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for comfortable clothes, durable pieces or dressing for function, there are sustainable pieces that fit your lifestyle.

Here are some questions to consider next time you’re out shopping. 

Is the brand using ethical materials?

Materials are important! Look for brands that are using sustainable materials that are good for you and for the planet. We developed SITATECH™under the premise that long term sustainability is only sustainable with advanced technology. Our fabric is 30% stronger than other materials and OEKO-TEX® certified – made to last a lifetime.

Is it a made-in-the-USA brand?

Due to lower labor costs, it’s easier for brands to outsource their production to countries overseas. That is why a majority of top clothing brands are not made in the U.S. But buying American made clothing helps reduce your carbon footprint. While American made brands typically have higher price tags, higher price tags can mean higher quality and long-lasting products.

Is there a closed loop system?

Closed loop refers to using natural resources to their full potential before they are discarded. Our SITATECH™ fabric is designed to be worn all day, every day. Throwing out worn out clothes is a big producer of waste in the fashion industry. Instead, wear SITATECH™ and keep your clothes forever.

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