Meryl Muldoon is the Business Development Manager for LVMH Champagne Maisons Veuve Clicquot, Krug, and Ruinart based in Chicago. The Midwest native is passionate about corporate sustainability, one of the core drivers that turned her on to SITA.

We sat down for a personal Q+A with one of our top SITA loyalists to learn more about her appreciation for sustainable practices in the fashion industry and her multi-faceted life.

Meryl Muldoon SITA

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What’s your favorite item in the SITA Collection?
How can you make your loyal customer choose? The elegance and whisper thin material of the parkas are perfect for the day to evening transition. The hoodie and wide ribbed sweater are comfortable yet polished options for business meetings and weekends alike, and then there are the perfect tee shirts for everyday wear. All pieces are very versatile, rendering the choice close to impossible.

How would you describe your style?
Classic, polished, monochromatic.

What is the best style advice you’ve ever gotten?
Dress for your shape.

What do you like and dislike about fashion?
One of the opportunities I believe the fashion industry is slowly starting to recognize is the need for heightened practices regarding sustainability. Less emphasis on fast fashion and focusing on the reduction of environmental impact on a brand level. Thinking creatively throughout the entire supply chain. Developing more sustainable materials. Recycling and upcycling. The lack of focus on this topic up until recently and the inefficient waste cycle was something I “disliked” about the industry, and  admired when a brand made sustainability a focus, like SITA NYC. The “like” at this point is the amount of creativity coming out of the industry with such a diversity of designers represented either with their own brands or at the head of global brands.

What style did you try that you were surprised you liked?
Being relatively classic and conservative stylistically, it has been surprising to find myself enjoying experimenting with some of the athleisure styles that have come into popularity, for example a tailored sweatshirt from Off--White or jersey trousers from Fenty. Another surprise is a recent interest in the world of sneakers.

What brings you the greatest joy?
Connectivity - being that “point B” contact, joining two or more people together that have mutually beneficial strengths or skills to share with one another, or business interests.

What are the last three items you bought (from any store or category)?
The book, The Strategist, by Cynthia Montgommery, for my brother, an Air Bike for the home gym, and an arrangement of cut Spring flowers for my parents.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?
This is a bit shameful to admit, but would venture I spend the most actual time in one of many robes in my closet. Natori’s silk wraps are always a favorite.

What book/article has had the biggest impact on your professional life?
Mass Psychology by James Dines. It was given to me by a very dear friend, mentor, and beau. It relays messaging on how to live in a “high state” of generosity, gratitude, kindness, etc… even if the general population around you may be to the contrary. It taught me many lessons on leadership, strategy, and human behavior.

What is one thing you wish you knew about your style when you were younger?
Sometimes I wish I might have embraced a bit more confidence about having a feminine shape at an early age.

Alive or Past, who would most like to have lunch with and why?
This is a tough one. Franz Liszt as a virtuoso pianist and  philanthropist would be up there. He wrote some of my favorite piano pieces and I would have loved to learn first hand about his process and inspiration. Saint Teresa of Calcutta would be another incredible human to connect with to speak of service. Christina Koch as the female time record keeper for a single spaceflight. Sir Isaac Newton, one of the keenest observers of the world…..Siddhartha Buddha, the frozen mountain man Ötzi, my late Grandparents….pardon, this one is even more challenging than the favorite SITA item question!

What does Versatility mean to you?
Freedom and flexibility. Utility.

How do you Relax?
Many of my hobbies are designed for personal growth, creative release, and relaxation. Playing classical piano has topped the list since age two, ha! Practicing power vinyasa yoga. Reading. Cooking. Conversing. Exploring in nature. Brewing a perfect cup of tea to accompany any or all of the above.

How are you keeping your routine at home consistent during this time?
Every morning, I wake up early to keep my fitness routine as close to what it was before the quarantine. It has been invaluable to have a wonderful coach/trainer and now virtual community through my CrossFit gym, yoga studio, and Pilates studio to keep motivated. Each local business has exercised great agility in adapting to a digital platform. Ensuring fitness and wellness is in check helps to keep the mental state in check and professional brain nimble. That of course leads to keeping the business routine consistent even with the change to telework. Adopting a sense of play to keep the brain active and stave off boredom is also very important, a mindset illuminated by one of my favorite yoga teachers.

Do you have a power Statement/Personal Motto?
Grace of heart, grace of mind.

What was your first job?
During my teen years I worked in assembly at my family’s 
power generation equipment manufacturing facility and also as a piano accompanist for soloists at my middle school and high school.
Photography credit: James Gustin of Fig Media