SITA Interview Minouche Waring Spiritual Soul

Meet Minouche Waring

SITA NYC Interview Minouche Waring Spiritual Soul

Minouche is an avid explorer of life. Born in Egypt, schooling in England and a career in New York Advertising. She even styled the very first JCPenney commercials. Through her travels and explorations, she studied dance with Martha Graham, focusing on the Horton technique. Minouche fell in love with Flamenco and the theater, particularly Stanislawski - Maria Alba, and Andrea del Conte. She also participated in Shigeko Suga’s ‘flamenco musicals’ at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club and the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre. 
SITA NYC Interview Minouche Waring Spiritual Soul
She travelled to India and came home inspired to make art. This started a journey to create 1178designs. The art studio was founded in 1978 and produces contemporary glass works of art and stained glass decorative objects. The studio has received awards from Metropolitan Home Magazine and Glass Master Guild.  A lifetime of travel and spiritual development makes Minouche a unique SITA Chief. We’re honored to feature her Q+A with our team.

What’s your favorite item in the SITA Collection?

The wide-leg palazzo-style pants, they make my legs feel long and lanky. And of course, the hoodie. I love comfortable clothing.

How would you describe your style?

Depending on audience, my style ranges from boho chic to sporty/sassy.

What is the best style advice you’ve ever gotten?

Wear comfortable clothes and no more than 3 colors.

What style did you try that you were surprised you liked?

Military style.

What brings you the greatest joy?

Jumping in the Ocean.
SITA NYC Interview Minouche Waring Spiritual Soul

Alive or Past, who would most like to have lunch with and why.

My funny mother with a huge zest who would try everything on the menu.

How do you Relax?

Yoga and pacing.

How are you keeping your routine at home consistent during this time?

Doing all things leisurely and watching the time fly.

Do you have a power Statement/Personal Motto?

Take it easy moment to moment.