YOU are the story

Created by Aljohara Almodaimigh and Gianfranco Zani in 2018, the duo brought together their unique experiences and perspectives into the brand's design and technology. They set out to create investment basics that seamlessly transition between a woman's private and public life. The brand offers pieces that provide an effortless and stylish transition from lounging and play to work and travel. Driven by technology, SITA created their own trademarked fabric titled SITATECH™, an innovative fabric with permanent agents that neutralize odors, withstand machine washing, wick away moisture and exhibits superior quality, whilst being weightless and soft.

Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Aljohara Almodaimigh wanted to create clothing that met the demands of her busy lifestyle as the founder of Kore, a chain of high-end and only women-owned & women-focused gyms in Saudi. From here, the idea to create SITA was born, designing practical and performance built garments for modern women. 

With a background in design, Gianfranco Zani saw the same need for elegant, modernly constructed garments and partnered with Almodaimigh to develop SITA’s proprietary fabrics and construction. Together the two work in tandem to shape the vision and direction of the project, shaping the brand into something truly unique and unmistakably iconic.

A balance of ease and refinement—this is the hallmark of our design ethos.

Style for the always designed, always authentic woman, SITA strikes a rare balance between tradition and innovation.

SITA is the Hindu model of the ideal woman. Goddess of good character, prosperity, and happiness

SITA Don't Change