What is SITATECH™ ?

We started our research under the premise that long term sustainability is only sustainable with advanced technology.

SITATECH is an innovative sustainable performance fabric 1 million times thinner than cotton and has its own proprietary features developed to wick moisture, neutralize odor generating bacteria, with four way stretch and a cooling effect. All while maintaining the elegance of luxury design with unparalleled comfort!


The Mill:

SITA sustainability

The mill is fully OEKO-TEX Tex certified, as well as achieved the Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 standard. Most recently, signed the Greenpeace OEKO-TEX® protocol.

These global certification systems guarantees consumers, that products meet very strict limits of chemical substances present in the product. OEKO-TEX® tests for chemicals like pesticides, carcinogenic, colorants and heavy metals under the STANDARD 100 procedure and covers several hundred harmful substances. The certification process is very demanding and requires a huge investment to bring all manufacturing areas up to code.


The Fibers:

SITA nano yarns

Dying nanofibers greatly reduces the amount of coloring agent and water usage by up to 40%. Active agents, inserted into nanofibers, are capable of modifying fabric properties much more drastically whilst remaining flexible and transparent using up to 60% less energy than traditional surface finishes.   

Next to the intrinsic advantages of manufacturing the fiber and fabric, note that the odor neutralizing active agents help reduce the frequency of machine washing. In addition, the higher durability of the nanoyarn (compared to any other man-made yarn and natural yarn for apparel) extend the wearability of the fabric considerably. To keep the highest comfort level of each garment, we don’t use any hardware, zippers, buttons…you name it.